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Positive Direction is a RESIDENTIAL Substance Abuse Treatment Program for men in south louisiana that offers:

Residential Treatment

As a residential treatment program, we offer every client the opportunity and environment to focus on their recovery while working on deep, core issues through a variety of therapeutic modalities.

Group Therapy

Community is a cornerstone component to the program at Positive Direction. We believe that a strong community and shared experiences create a strong culture of recovery and support.

Individual Therapy

Each client who enters our program is offered individual therapy to assist and guide them in processing the specific and unique areas of improvement needed in order to achieve lifelong sobriety.

What We Offer

We have a firm belief that restoring the mind, body, and sPIRIT are the fundamentals of recovery.

Privacy & dignity for all

We offer confidential and individualized treatment for those who are ready to change their life’s path.

Trusted, personalized support

Our dedicated and accredited team are here to support you every step of the way, from intake designed around your needs to our renowned home cooked meals.

A comfortable, safe environment

Our modern and serene 24-bed recovery center is privately located in Jackson, Louisiana, just 20 minutes north of Baton Rouge in the beautiful hills of the Felicianas.

Accessible treatment options

We accept a variety of insurances and Louisiana Medicaid and work with each individual to find support that works for their needs and situation.

A Welcoming Space
About Our Facility

An atmosphere of recovery

Our facility offers comfortable accommodations and confidential, individualized treatment for those who are ready to change their life’s path. Our professional staff will assist you every step along the way, from intake to aftercare, ensuring that you receive the proper tools to succeed in your new life of freedom.

At Positive Direction Recovery Resources, our clinically trained and compassionate team can help you address and take responsibility for your substance use disorder. We believe that recovery is possible for everyone and that no one is too deep into addiction to be helped. 

Recovery begins when you take the first step

Recovery from the disease of addiction is one of the most difficult journeys to undertake. We have the resources and support you need to help you address your substance use disorder and begin the journey towards recovery.

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